Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I think I have found my perfect college match!

Yesterday I had a really awesome awesome day!! I went over for an admitted information session, a  N writing scholarship interview, a personal meeting with the head of the film school, and a freshman writing seminar for the N Scholars. I felt like I was a real college student! My Scholarship interview went fantastically! I was interviewed by the head of the program and throughout the interview she told me how fantastic my short stories and poems were and how much they reminded her of famous authors and poets like Sylvia Plath of Jumpa Lahiri.

 At the end of the interview she told me that today alone she has interviewed 20 students, and she only has 8 places in the program. She then told me that out of all those students I was probably the most qualified for the program and that once in a blue moon she is able to offer a scholarship right on the spot and she wanted to offer it to me right then and there! I was so honored and excited and just knew this program was right for me! I thanked her, told her how honored I was, and told her how wonderful the program sounded and how much I wanted to be in the program.

Not only does the program give you some scholarship money, but it also puts you in the N scholarship program with the 8 other students from your grade. I will be with 8 other freshman who love writing as much as I do and will take writing classes and seminars with them all 4 years of college. Most of the time, the group bonds so well and they all become great friends. The program sounds like it was made for me and I can't even express how much I want to go to the University and be a N scholar.

I then attended the Freshman writing seminar with the 8 current Freshman N scholars which was absolutely fanatastic! I felt right at home with the incredibly intelligent students, and the amazing poetry and prose we were reading. We spent the entire time mainly on Billy Collins (whose poetry I am discovered that I love!) and we watched animations of the poetry on youtube. There was tons of yummy food, the students and teacher were all so nice and welcoming, and the school and program felt so right.

I truly hope I can go to the school and be a N Scholar next year. My parents and even grandparents are so excited about this accomplishment and seem to be taking the University and scholarship program very seriously as an option for me. My grandpa even said that he secretly hopes I don't get into any of the Ivy's that I applied to. I secretly hope this too. I think I have found my match and my home for the next four years.

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