Monday, September 14, 2015

The dreaded cold means I can't visit my favorite kiddos.

Today officially came down with a cold which I was SOOO dreading and hoping wouldn't happen. Everyone around me seems to be sick and I was feeling it coming on but was so wishing it wouldn't happen. Having a cold means I can't do two of my favorite things. I can't put hope boxes together and I can't visit my favorite little kiddos in the hospital. Both due to the fact that the kids I send my hope boxes to and the kids in the hospital have surpassed immune systems due to chemo and can't be exposed to any risk of getting even the common cold. 
I miss my little kiddos in the hospital! I wasn't able to visit them last week because they weren't in the hospital. I'm so glad they got to spend the week at home, but I always miss seeing them! Now that the two are coming back this week, I'm the one whose not able to come in! Grrr! The little baby I visit (who I almost feel like a second mama to!) will be coming up on a longer stay in the Bone Marrow Transplant unit so even though I don't get to visit him this week, i'll visit him next week. He recently started babbling which makes me so happy to see! He's been all smiles lately and has recently learned to wave as well which I love to see! All the nurses love when I come and visit him and they all see how he lights up when he sees me. He just loves me which makes me feel so great When a little baby with cancer loves you, there's not much more you can ask for in that moment (besides for someone to take away his cancer that is). 
The other little girl I visit is 3 and is too cute for her own good! It amazes me that she isn't trying to be cute! The other week she said "Daddy, if a shark came into my room I would be so brave and I would fight it with my sword! Can you bring me my sword Daddy?" I just about died from the cuteness when she said that! 
Anyway, today I am saying prayers for them that their treatments will work and am also thankful that they are part of my life. People often say to me "You are so incredible for spending your time with these kids when you could be doing other things". What they don't realize is that I benefit just as much if not more than the kids do from spending time with them. They brighten my day so much and I am lucky just to know them and be a part of their lives. I love them more than I can even say. Seeing their brave and smiling faces gives me so much. Can't wait to get rid of this cold so I can go back to visiting and playing with them

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