Saturday, August 8, 2015

Another rough tic day

Another rough tic day. Currently watching Netflix under my weighted blanket with plenty of sensory fidgets by my side to try to help calm down the tics. The blanket seems to be whats helping the most right now. I can feel it starting to work its magic smile emoticon
Also recently i've been feeling upset or overwhelmed when I have a lot of tics. This isn't new to me, but it's been a while since i've had such frequent and significant tics so its hard to be reminded of what its like and have to live like this again. I know it's probably just the time of year and a waxing period (starting a new school year is always hard, and transitions in general are hard for me), but it's hard for me to have to go though this again. I start to feel overwhelmed and truthfully a little fearful when I feel things escalating with my tics and when I start loosing control. As i've said before, it can be a pretty scary thing to lose control of your body. 
I'm just trying to remind myself that I know this time of year is always a more challenging time with my tics and that once I get settled in school things should calm down. Also another thing that seems to help is telling myself in a calm and slow voice "You're just fine" which is something one of my camp friends told me to try. It seems to be helping keep me calmer in terms of the emotional side of things. Hoping the tics calm down soon. The weighted blanket and sensory fidgets are helping.

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