Monday, October 6, 2014

Going Out in Public with Tourette's

Today was the first time someone has laughed at me in public because of my tics. I was riding the metro back from the medical school coming back from working in the lab and was standing in the front of the metro. I was minding my own business and doing some eye tics such as blinking and rolling my eyes upwards when this guy started talking to me.
He was laughing and said to me "I see that look in your eyes" and then kept laughing. I didn't really no what to say so I just ignored him. He kept laughing for another minute or two and then when we got to the next stop, some people got off and some seats opening up so I went to sit down away from him.
I understand that he probably had no idea what Tourette's is and thought I was rolling my eyes on purpose, but it was just a new experience having a stranger comment on my tics like this. I wish more people could identity what tics are and understand that people with TS are not doing these things on purpose.

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