Monday, October 13, 2014

A Strange Encounter about TS while getting food

This week is a strange one. I've never had a stranger out in public comment about my Tourette's in my life and then suddenly it happens twice in one week. Craziness. I was getting food and did a facial tic and the server asked me "what was that?" I hadn't even realized I did a facial tic so I said "sorry, what?" 

He then said "that thing you did with your face." So I told him I had a medical condition. He responded with "oh I thought you were upset with me". I assured him that I wasn't upset with him and I had tics which were involuntary. I guess he felt kind of awkward and didn't know what to say next so he said "do you cuss people out? Like in me, you, and Irene?" I told him no. I later looked up the movie and found out it's not even about Tourette's. it's about multiple personality disorder.... Lol i just laughed. Definitely an interesting encounter

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