Monday, September 8, 2014

Mouth Splint for relief from jaw tics

Got my mouth splint today! I'm excited to finally have something to give me some relief from my jaw clenching tic. My orthodontist explained it as a bandaid for my mouth. I'll start wearing it every night to give my jaw some relief when I sleep(I clench and grind my teeth even more in my sleep apparently) and if I ever really need to I can wear it for relief during the day too. I'll probably only ever wear it at night or on weekends (even though its transparent/clear colored, it's pretty notifiable). It feels good to have it in because I know my teeth are protected. My dentist told me if I didn't get the splint, I could end up with permanent damage to my enamel and have to end up getting crowns on most of my teeth. This is the first tic that has done damage to my body, and while its a tough realization that one of my tics is actually doing real damage, its important I know so that I can take the proper steps to protect myself and my body.

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  1. So glad you were able to get it! I've battled with teeth grinding now and then, but blessedly it hasn't become a regular tic, just one that pops in and out now and then. When it was in full swing, however, I considered getting a mouth guard to sleep with at night, since it's harder to control things more when you're asleep. Please post on how your splint works out for you!