Thursday, September 11, 2014

Answering Questions about Tourette's!

Today was my annual meeting with my RA. Every year the RA's at my college do something called a 1 on 1 with each of the students on their floor where they meet with them and get to know them. I had already e-mailed my RA about my Tourette's and I did my little 1 minute Tourette's speech for my floor last week. At the end I said "if anyone has questions, feel free to ask!" Today during my 1 on 1, my RA took me up on the offer and told me she wanted to learn more about Tourette's. We talked about regular things first like how i'm liking my Junior year, what classes i'm taking, and what other things i'm involved with on camous. Then she asked me several questions about Tourette's such as "does everyone with Tourette's have vocal tics?", "is it genetic?", and "is there treatment?" I was more than happy to answer all of her questions and was really glad she asked them. I love it when people want to learn more about TS, and I love spreading awareness!

After I was done answering her questions she said she was really glad that I was open about my Tourette's and willing to talk about it. She had a friend in high school who had Tourette's but never got the opportunity to ask him questions about it really and was really glad to learn more about it.She said she really likes getting to know more about people and the experiences they've had in their life. I just love people like that! :)

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