Friday, January 31, 2014

Clonidine. Back to the Lower Dose.

I had to go down to a lower dose of Clonidine since the higher dose was making me moody and affecting my motivation. The higher dose wasn't having much of an affect on my tics anyway, so no loss there. The lower dose helps me sleep at night, but that's about it. Finding out I am this sensitive to medication isn't great news, but at least I know now and at least I tried. Also it does help me sleep which is a win considering before I was on the medication it would take me about three hours some nights to fall asleep because of my tics. So I get some benefit at night from the medication which is better than nothing. My neuro suggested trying another medication, Guanficine, otherwise known as Intuniv. But knowing how sensitive I am to medication, I'm not going to risk it. My mom agrees; my grades are just to important right now to experiment with my brain chemistry. I know how to deal with my tics, but I don't know how to deal with all these side effects when the medication doesn't even help me tics in the first place. I'll probably stay on the lower dose of Clonidine just for the sleep benefits, but I may too go off of even that if my mood doesn't improve. We'll see.

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