Sunday, September 15, 2013

So much for a recovery from my sore throat

Just when I finally am starting to get over my cold, Tourette's decides to throw in a loud sqeaking vocal tic that's already starting to make my throat sore over again....gotta love Tourette's. So much for my short lived recovery from having a sore throat. This video made me feel a bit better though. It always helps to know i'm not alone. Times like this make me miss the environment of camp though for sure because there everyone understands what it's like and what I go though.  

Living with Tourette's Syndrome Short Documentary by Olivia Matlin:

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  1. The same thing always happens to my little boy! If the air is really dry & his lips start to get chapped then his lip chewing tic will kick right in!

    I give him 15 mg of zinc every night at bedtime - helps tics and colds/sore throats. If you take zinc, get a very pure kind without any food dyes or additives - nothing makes tics kick in worse than food dye! (Zinc picolinate is best - you can get the NOW brand on Amazon for cheap - just dump out half the capsule to make it only 25mg) Also, you will want to take a good multivitamin/mineral supplement in the morning with breakfast, b/c zinc can suck out iron if you aren't careful - that's why you take it at bedtime. He has been taking it for a couple of years. He used to take 50 mg & tics basically disappeared but I realized that was too much. Now we do 15-25 & I give him a break for a couple of months each year, tics come back but that's okay!

    Hope you feel better!
    :) Nicole

    p.s. link to Ray Donovan actor talking about his life with Tourette's: