Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Erasing Limits and Documentary Project Go Public!

After a lot of thought and work into our project, I am proud to announce the release of www.ErasingLimits.com and The Tourette Syndrome documentary project, a collection of personal stories about Tourette Syndrome!

Website: www.ErasingLimits.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Erasing.Limits

What is our goal from The Tourette Syndrome Documentary Project?
Our goal from The Tourette Syndrome documentary project is to make a difference in how Tourette Syndrome and other "gifts" are viewed by society. The stories that make up this project are told from mothers, fathers, siblings, teens, and children all living with Tourette Syndrome themselves or living with someone close to them who is affected by Tourette Syndrome.

What is Erasing Limits?
Erasing Limits is a video database of empowering knowledge. Through EL, you can find high quality, informative, and inspirational videos about various disabilities, disorders, and challenges. All videos featured are videos that have been reviewed and are worth watching for anyone wanting more information, support, or encouragement in the video's respective area.

Another note about the Tourette Syndrome documentary project, this is a project that we plan to build on over time. If you sent in a video to participate in the project and you do not see your video up on the website, don't worry! The videos we have released today as part of the project are just the start and if you sent in a video for the project, I promise your video will be edited and put up as part of the project at a later date!

Also, if you wish to submit a video to participate in the growing and ongoing Tourette Syndrome documentary project, please send me a message through facebook or send me an e-mail at jspershing93@gmail.com.

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