Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tourette's Helped My Team Win Cranium!!!

Tourette's helped my team win Cranium! Well that's a sentence I never thought i'd say. Let me explain! So I went over to Steam Punk's house last night. Like I've said before, Steam Punk is one of my best friends and my other best friend, Tie Dye was there too along with more of my friends (both guys and girls). In total there were 7 of us there and 6 of us played Cranium.

Our teams were pretty much tied throughout the whole game, but when it came to the last few questions our team pulled ahead because of me! First I guessed right on toupee during the drawing portion, then I guessed right on "Girls just want to have fun" on the humming a song portion, and then finally I knew the trivia answer that led our team to win.

The trivia question was something to the effect of "What musical group won a Grammy for a song they didn't actually sing?" and immediately when the question was asked, I shouted out "Milli Vanilli!". The rest of my friends looked so confused and absolutely could not believe that I knew that. When Steam Punk said I was right, she just looked stunned. No one in the group had even heard of Milli Vanilli and even less would have been able to get to that answer from the question.

So how did I know with such certainty that it was Milli Vanilli? Well, it's because of Tourette's! I explained to the group that I knew the answer because i've watched the movie "Front of the Class", which is about Brad Cohen who has Tourette's, at least 6 or more times, and throughout the movie Milli Vanilli music is played and the band is talked about briefly in the movie as well. After watching the moving quite a few times, the Milli Vanilli songs got stuck in my head and I looked the group up on Wikipeida and read about how they won a Grammy for a song they never even wrote.

So yes, I knew the answer because of Tourette's! My useless information about Milli Vanilli was finally put to good use! My friends continued to be amazed that I knew the answer and Steam Punk went up stairs, grabbed a tiara and put it on my head insisting I wear it for the rest of the night as the Cranium queen.

I did have to take it off after a few minutes though because my head and neck tics did not agree with the tiara, lol. Anyway, my friends are great. I forget that my tics are anything different or out of the ordinary when i'm around them. They're just so used to me ticcing that they don't even react in the slightest.

So go enjoy some Milli Vanilli music and if you feel like it, go look them up on the internet! Who knows, it might come in handy some day. :P

Front of the Class Clips/Report:

A Milli Vanilli Song: 

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