Sunday, November 2, 2014

Presenting to your/your Child's Class About Tourette Syndrome

For those of you who have a child who is newly diagnosed or is thinking about presenting to his/her class about Tourette's for the first time, this is a good read for you! If your child's tics are noticeable to others, educating the class about it can only help!

I have done it both ways, choosing not to educate and choosing to educate and trust me, having my classmates know about my tics has made my life so much easier. My classmates have been nothing but accepting. After they know about my tics, they no longer think of me as the girl twitching and making noises randomly, they think of me as the girl who is smart, funny, brings up good discussion points about the reading, and oh yeah she happens to have Tourette's too :)

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