Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Understanding Friends Help When Tics Are Rough

And the story of my heightened level of tics due to the stress and excitement of the last month of school continues, lol. I was watching a TV show with three of my friends and one of my friends left her pretty much empty orange juice cup on the table in front of us. Most of the time when we have open containers on the table, my friends are careful to put the lids on them due to the fact that one of my tics includes knocking things off tables and counters, which has ended in a messy situation quite a few times. But there was really only a few drops of orange juice left and I hadn't had that tic in little while.

The tic surprised me though even though I thought I could fight it, in the end, I ended up knocking over the cup with my fist forcefully. It ended up flying onto my friends lap which I felt really bad about. I immediately got up, started apologizing profusely, and went to throw the orange juice cup out. My friend was very understanding and when I kept saying "i'm sorry" she kept assuring me it was okay in a kind voice which let me know she knew it was a tic and knew I couldn't help it.

Friends like this and people who understand are what get me through these times when my tics are bad. I've found mostly every time that when you explain yourself and give people the opportunity to be compassionate, they typically are :)

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