Friday, August 10, 2012

Meeting Goldie and My Other RA!

Today I met Goldie (the RA staying in the room next to me) in person and I also met my other RA (who is a guy) too! I only met the guy RA for like two seconds because he was just moving in, but I talked with Goldie for longer. Goldie was soooo nice and I was so glad to meet her in person! I wasn't ticcing a lot, and I hope she realizes that tics fluctuate between being worse and being better. Even though I mentioned this in the message I sent her, I tend to worry about people understanding that part fully anyway. I can't worry about it to much though because soon enough I'm pretty sure she'll see my tics at their worst.

Anyway, Goldie was really nice. I hope I end up being friends with her and having a good RA to Freshman relationship with her, how ever that kind of thing works out, lol. She showed me her dorm room, which was huge!!!!! She said it was meant for two people, so she got a big room! And I asked her some questions about herself like what her major is and how long she's been an RA. Goldie is a bio-medical engineering major, now that's impressive, and this is her second year being an RA (she's a senior).

She then showed me the first floor (we're on the second floor), where a few student rooms are and where the RCD (residential college director) lives and where two faculty members live. I then remembered about the golden retriever I saw yesterday and asked her about it since I saw it going our dorm building. It turns out....wait for it....wait for it......wait for it.....the golden retriever belongs to one of the faculty members and LIVES IN THE DORM!!!!! I was sooooo excited! I'm pretty much a dog fanatic. I love love love love dogs! I was so sad thinking that I was going to live all year without a dog and with only short visits from my new puppy, but now that's not a problem anymore obviously. Goldie (who is also a dog lover and who has a border collie at home) said that the dog's name is Lazlo (I think) and that the faculty member lets the students walk it and play with it! She said that the dog is really friendly and loves to play ball and is a great stress reliever after finals. I'm even more excited now than I was before! Yay for dogs! It just seems like this college was made just for me! I mean how much more could I ask for? I have an awesome, supportive, understanding RA who lives right next to me, I have a dog living in my dorm to play with, and I'm able to do my exposure therapy easily because I live so close. Well maybe I could ask for a few more things. Like a supportive and understanding roommate, supportive and understanding friends, supportive and understanding teachers, good grades, and an awesome year over all! Let's hope for all of that! Who says things can't be awesome next year? So far everything has gone great!

Well all in all a good day! After I talked with Goldie for about 10 minutes, I went down to the laundry room to do my OCD exposure. That went pretty well. One thing is for sure, I no longer feel like i'm intruding and I no longer feel nervous about just being in there since now both my RA's have met me. Meeting my RA's helped a lot :)

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